My Blog's goals

What I want to achieve in my blog is to express myself and share what God is teaching me, share my thoughts my hopes and dreams. To share my poems that God gives me and declarations that I learn that I think will help others on their journey to freedom. What I want to do is to encourage others to be the son or daughter that God has called them to be. I am studying a Leader Development Programme Year 1 through Global Legacy through Bethal Church in Redding California. I want to help set people free to help them in their journey of discovery. I have battled depression for many years and have been on medication for many years. I have been able to lower my dose by half and I am looking forward to the day that I am free from medication and are well emotionally I believe that can and will happen.

Funny how things change in what is important to us the closer we get to God

I was doing a online assesment that was attached to the weekly enouragement for LDP1 it is a spiritual gift test called descover your destiny. Alex got me to do it as she reckoned she knew what gifting I have lol funny thing was she was correct!!! What I noticed as I went through the 10 questions and put he answers order that best showed my desires and found out something odd. Things that were once important to me no longer mattered as they once did. My goals and desires have changed the closer I am to God all the little things have dropped off like I use to care how others saw me, I wanted everyone to like me. Cos I am a fun, full of laughter and nice to hang out with but I couldn't understand why some people at work didn't like me. I struggled with that for a long time, I've been a people pleaser most of my life. My parents lost their first baby He was a stillborn their one and only boy, every other baby born to our Nuttall household was a girl 5 in total. As a child I tried to fit that gap I was plain looking and really was mistaken for a boy most on my early life. There comes a time when you just have to say I cannot make everyone happy I cannot make all people like me. God made me who I am! I am intelligent, fun, a worshipper I have an odd sense of houmour I laught at nearly anything and sometimes at the wrong time, I am a hard worker, I am an encourager I am an evangelist, I am a woman of the heart, I care about the lost and hurting the list goes on. These days I am not concerned if someone at work doesn't like me cos I like me I love me God loves me. So to those who don't like me I say to my self tough cos I'm awesomely and wonderfully made. My Pappa Daddy doesn't make rubbish He creates amazing people that have talents and He grows them so they can point other in the right direction. I am beautiful inside and out hands down I am truly an awesome daughter of my Pappa Daddy I'm a princess and I make my Daddy proud all the time even when I make a mistake he still thinks I'm great and loves still. Sorry I digress so the online assesment said I am a recruiter (evangelist) Anton told me so many times at Firestarter you are a revivalist De and not only just a revivalist you afre a leader of revivalist. So lookout world revival is going to happen!!!! Its started in my heart and from me others are going to catch the fire in their hearts too.

By De O'Neil Last updated: 2 August 2016, 05:41