My Blog's goals

What I want to achieve in my blog is to express myself and share what God is teaching me, share my thoughts my hopes and dreams. To share my poems that God gives me and declarations that I learn that I think will help others on their journey to freedom. What I want to do is to encourage others to be the son or daughter that God has called them to be. I am studying a Leader Development Programme Year 1 through Global Legacy through Bethal Church in Redding California. I want to help set people free to help them in their journey of discovery. I have battled depression for many years and have been on medication for many years. I have been able to lower my dose by half and I am looking forward to the day that I am free from medication and are well emotionally I believe that can and will happen.

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Breaking Chains

Yesterday I meet a friend for coffee and we has a lovely time talking and catching up.During our time together we spoke things that hold us back from during a job that needs to be done. While she chatted I clicked my fingers and said "its broken" what is broken she asked the issue is said with a slight laugh. I explained that I have all these hammers that God has given me they are all different sizes. I said I have these hammers and all I need from God to break a stronghold. She said when we are out of here can you pray for me? I said sure, so in front of my car on Cambridge street in Richmond I placed my hand upon her head and started praying I was sensing movement around me and blocked that rise of embassement that tried to stop me. I spoke to the issue and delcared that isue broken and that fear wouldn't hold her back from and spoke Shalom peace over my dearest friend. She was blessed and said that there had been a shift praise God.
So what I want to say is take the risk and pray for that thing that God puts in your heart. If someone asked you to pray and you feel I'm not sure I am equiped to do that will then ask God to give you the tools and he will give you what you need Luke 11:10-13
By De O'Neil