My Blog's goals

What I want to achieve in my blog is to express myself and share what God is teaching me, share my thoughts my hopes and dreams. To share my poems that God gives me and declarations that I learn that I think will help others on their journey to freedom. What I want to do is to encourage others to be the son or daughter that God has called them to be. I am studying a Leader Development Programme Year 1 through Global Legacy through Bethal Church in Redding California. I want to help set people free to help them in their journey of discovery. I have battled depression for many years and have been on medication for many years. I have been able to lower my dose by half and I am looking forward to the day that I am free from medication and are well emotionally I believe that can and will happen.

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Sunday Morning at Church.

This morning at Church during worship I got the prompting to dance I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if people were set free by my obeidence and my self conscious overweight thinking stopped me I opted out. I felt a bit stink but I'm grateful that my Pappa Daddy knows me and loves me so He gave me another prompting this time a word and as the excitement built as it does when God is giving me a word to share I had "come to me come and take all I have for you", funny thing is that wasn't what I shared I got out my phone and looked for a poem that I am hoping will one day be a song. I was just what he wanted my to share. My excitement grew as it does when prophecy is about to take off, this is what I shared ...
Jesus you call my name, you come to me with open arms, ready to claim as your own. Your child, your bride spotless and clean for you. Jesus you gave your life, so I could be free from sin. I come, I come to be undone made afresh and anew, your chosen bride. There you stand, the lover of my soul, the one who cherishes me and nothing can separate that love from.

This was written in Church during a sermon that I should have been listening to but those words came to me that day 22.05.16 each time He shares a word or a poem with me I am brought closer and closer in my heart towards His heart His amazing love.
By De O'Neil