My Blog's goals

What I want to achieve in my blog is to express myself and share what God is teaching me, share my thoughts my hopes and dreams. To share my poems that God gives me and declarations that I learn that I think will help others on their journey to freedom. What I want to do is to encourage others to be the son or daughter that God has called them to be. I am studying a Leader Development Programme Year 1 through Global Legacy through Bethal Church in Redding California. I want to help set people free to help them in their journey of discovery. I have battled depression for many years and have been on medication for many years. I have been able to lower my dose by half and I am looking forward to the day that I am free from medication and are well emotionally I believe that can and will happen.

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Those that know me well know of the battles I have had with mental health. I have battled depression now for many years more than I can remeber which is a good thing I think as I don't really want to ponder on that. Thats not what I want to focus on what I want to focus on is His amazing power and love that can set the captives free. I just want to honour God for His love and care of me bringing me to a point where I could leave my past in the past forgive those who had hurt me and be able to forgive myself a big step as I had beaten myself self up over the years for my broken marriage and two hurting girls one a teenager and the other a pre teen. Both grown women with families of their own husbands and children. Thanks to my friend Alex I was blessed to go to Manifest Presence Conference in Auckland just a couple of weeks back. It was on the second day the speak Michael Maiden said for those who suffered disappointment and depression to stand up.He said one key for dealing with depression is forgiveness so I stood there going threw my list of people I had already forgive but I though hey just forgive them again, so there is my mum and dad, my ex the kids and Mark just incase but there I it came to me forgive yourself. So I said I forgive myself, I forgive myself over and over then all of a sudden it was like someone clicked their fingers over my head may it was God only he knows and the power of the Holy Spirit fell on me and I started moving forward and backwards upder the power of the Holy Spirit there was a couple of times I thought I was going to tip over backwards. This went on for some time but when I stopped I was free set free from things that have held me for years. I am currantly dropping my antid-depressants down to half. Next time I see my Doctor I will talk about coming of them, I'm thinking its been 16 years or more I've been on my medicatiom. I'm excited as I thought due to emotional breakdowns I might be on it for the rest of my life. I'm going to be free from those tablets very shortly can't wait.

By De O'Neil

The Gleaming from Church today

Couple of things happened at Church today one was I stuck on data projector at church during one of the worship songs the urge was so great to dance before the Lord that I was tempted to leave the sound booth and dance. Funny how last week I felt Him say dance for me and when I was serving as data projectionist I wanted to fly off and dance for dance for Him.
Yvonne was speaking this am her message was around turning disappointment about she spoke about Nehemiah and how long it took to build the wall of Jerusalem was I think she said 52 days wow that is amazing this man Nehemiah put a team together and even though the enemy tried to stop him at every turn they built those walls up.  One of the slides that she had put up that caught my eye and attention was simply....

no- reappointment!!!!

How about that turn a disappointment into an opportunity! wow I was talking to a friend today that has struggled with listening to lies. I tell you this cos I want you to catch the truth in this little saying when the enemy reminds you of your past remind him of his future. This is a note to myself too but what I wold like to say is hey satan I wouldn't be worring about my past if I was you! I would be worring about your future. Bam right in the gut for him. Its funny in a strang sort of way how we can get caught up in an old thought pattern or feeling over something that is dropped into our mind. Holy Spirit I give you permission to remind me to keep my eyes on what my Father is doing. Is he worried about the enemies plans ?? Nope cos  Psalms tells us Psalms 1:6  For the Lord knows the way of the righteous. But the way of the ungodly will perish.(Psalms 1:6) Something to remember I reckon no weapon formed against us will propser. And every tongue that accuses you in judgement agaonst you  shall ondemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me," Says the Lord (Isaiah 54:17) So we win the enemy loses everytime. Ok its back to work tomorrow have a blessed day and week and I'll post again soon x
By De O'Neil